In anticipation of setting up our in-house presses, Liquor Donuts has designed a program to deliver quality, short-run vinyl for independent artists and labels -- quickly and affordably. Vinyl is meaningful for artists as platform to present their music. Not only does it provide greater connection with fans, but delivers greater revenue when you consider 100x 7inches puts more jingle in your jeans than 1.5M streams.

The last decade of explosive vinyl growth has been great for artists and fans on many levels, but has also created bottlenecks at record plants. 


Increasingly major labels are displacing small indies with their large runs for major artists and back catalogue represse. For smaller artists who need shorter runs they are experiencing longer and longer wait times and minimum orders that they cant sell. Liquor Donut's remedy is to create a group together independents to create volume, savings and speed. We are focused on working with indies through every step of the process from conception to fulfillment ensuring their vinyl is delivered in time for their next gig or tour. 

Liquor Donuts is kicking off two programs:


Alpha: The ultimate in DIY, artist’s orders are grouped together for greater savings and speed. Each cohort has an open date and close date to get their order in. The more that participate in each cohort, the greater the savings for all. Individuals can receive further savings by signing up their band/musician friends as well. Traditionally indies order individually and thus pay full freight at every step. By coordinating dozens of orders at the same time means they are shipped and processed at scale. The monochromatic labels and black vinyl further reduces costs by limiting variation. More than just a co-operative vinyl model, Alpha also delivers collaborative cross-promo opportunities with each cohort given all records arrive at once for shared record release events and more. We will be opening our first cohort soon. Sign up with your email to stay in the loop.*

BETA: Still adhering to Alpha’s short run/quick-turnaround ethos, but catering to greater individual needs such as custom labelling, packaging, onger runs and other add-ons. Now open an accepting orders.

*Initially, Alpha will be offered to GTA-based artists as we perfect the model, but drop us a line about the scene in your town and let’s see what we can do to get you all pressed.

Hit us up with questions and receive $100 off your first order.